Did you know about these booming trends in talent acquisition in 2021!

“I also see talent acquisition pros more open to the idea of coaching and training themselves. In the past, there was some shame around not having all the answers or needing coaching/guidance. Now, I find more people asking me for training and I LOVE this notion that TA pros are finally realizing they have a craft that is worthy of honing. Now is not the time to know it all, it’s the time to humbly admit areas of development,” says Laura Mazzullo, Owner of East Side Staffing

From the unfortunate pandemic hit, the face of HR has changed for good and every organization needs to reflect that. As the demand for talent gains back momentum now in 2021, it is bound to put pressure on talent acquisition teams and staffing agencies.

The year has begun! We know you might have read a lot on the dos and don’ts for you to consider in the field of TA for your firm. But here’s a small list of what can not be denied and is gonna stay post-pandemic. It’s vital to understand the key trends that will shape the hiring processes in 2021 and have plans to adapt to these changes.

Candidate experience was always salient, especially with a distinct shift towards remote working and hiring. It will become important for companies to provide an exceptional experience given that candidates might not be experiencing their offices and culture in person.

Every HR and hiring activity from attracting and sourcing talent, to interviewing, will need to build and provide a great digital experience for candidates in order to attract top talent.

2. AI- the future of data-driven talent decisions!

No doubt, with the help of AI, the traditional hiring processes will get upgraded through complete automation of employee verification and onboarding practices.

AI-powered chatbots will also become commonplace as companies begin to use them for the first phases of applicant screening before scheduling candidates for person-to-person interviews, which is just so trouble-free!

3. The rise in Freelance and Project-based hiring

There’s no more debate on choosing paths now! Should I do a freelance career or focus on the full time or maybe just a project-based task? The 2020 pandemic brought answers to these! Companies too will move towards project-based or freelance hiring since work from home is the new normal and employers are free to hire the best of the talent across the globe taking up projects on a short-term basis. Ensuring improved productivity of employees working from home, this trend is expected to continue for the whole year and more!

4. Retention is the key!

The new developments are definitely expected to affect retention strategies of companies like employee benefits, health insurance, leave structure, and performance evaluation, training and guidance.

Certainly, upskilling could be part of your retention efforts, or it could even help you to fill a skills gap. It’s no secret that we’re in the middle of a competitive ocean of always improving as being in any domain, so the possibility of upskilling could help scale your business massively. It’s a way of getting the skills you need to grow without recruitment costs and while keeping your existing team happy and feeling valued. While it is a longer approach to filling skills gaps, if you’re planning for 2021, but upskilling can save costs and help to improve your all-important reputation as an employer.

An employer with a good reputation in these fields increases the chance of recruiting candidates that are looking for long-term employment! So that’s an add-on!



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